CrossFit Orient uses Fitmanager software to take care of our administration, planning and payments. In this user guide you’ll find the most important steps to take to use Fitmanager.


Making an account

  1. Signing up
    1. Click on the “Sign up” button below which will refer you to and follow their instructions.
  2. Activating your personal account
    1. Check your e-mail and open the mail you have received from Fitmanager.
    2. Click on the link and create a password.
  3. Controlling and configuring your account
    1. Click on your name and choose “Account settings”.
    2. Make any necessary changes to your account.
    3. Add a profilepicture (optional).
    4. Check the email settings tab for your email notification settings.
  4. Purchasing a membership
    1. Go to “Shop in the menu bar.
    2. Find the membership or credits you want and select “Buy”.
    3. Fill out the required fields, select a start date and click “Confirm and Pay” to proceed to the payment using iDeal.
  5. Booking a class
    The “Calendar” in the menu bar shows all activities your club has available for you to register for. In the “Calendar”, you can click any activity you want to register or and click “Register”. You will be prompted to select a payment method if you don’t have any yet.
  6. Downloading the app
    Fitmanager is available as an app as well. With it, you can manage your planning, buy products, receive notifications and more on your mobile device!

    For iOs users, click here to download the latest version of the app.

    For Android, click here to download the latest version of the app.